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About Folmont


Folmont is a second-home and retirement residential development in Somerset and Bedford Counties in the Laurel Highlands on the Allegheny Front. Most of Folmont’s people are drawn from nearby cities, mainly Pittsburgh, but also from York, Johnstown, and Washington, DC.

Folmont’s core attraction since inception has been its serene wilderness environment, and all home sites are deeded with restrictive covenants to prohibit impairments such as overhead utility wires, commercial activities, lumbering, and so forth. Folmont maintains at its own expense it’s own roads, trash collection, water and septic, without charge of any kind to the townships. It also maintains two private parks.

Folmont covers about three square miles, including about 225 5-to-15-acre home sites, situated in the Somerset County townships of Allegheny, Shade and Stonycreek, and the Bedford County township of Juniata. Folmont’s full-time, year-round resident population is now about 85 people in 42 households, with about a hundred more people in Folmont seasonally. Upon build-out, Folmont will have a population of about 550 people, or almost the equivalent of Allegheny Township’s year 2000 population.

Most of Folmont is situated in Allegheny Township. In Allegheny Township at the time of the 2000 Census, there were 442 housing units at an average density of 8.5 per square mile. In Folmont 42 housing units have been completed. at an average density of about 14 homes per square mile, with a build-out projection of about 73 per square mile, or roughly 22 times the housing density of the Township. In addition to the 42 completed homes already in Folmont, there are an additional 40 in various stages of development, and still more in planning and used meanwhile for camping and weekend retreats.

Folmont is managed by the Board of Directors of the Folmont Property Owners Association (FPOA), which is elected by Folmont property owners.


Folmont Property Owners Association, PO Box 151, Central City, PA 15926.

Peter Folan, Director and President

Terence Doran, Director and Vice President

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